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Metalcraft Services of Tampa, Inc. Is a manufacturer of specialty and custom metal fabrications

Serving the Phosphate, General Chemical, Energy, Entertainment, and Construction Industries
Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels


Metalcraft Services of Tampa, Inc. provides world-class shell and tube heat exchangers in partnership with APEX Engineered Products. Additionally, we build ASME Code pressure vessels, reactors, jacketed tanks and industrial tanks for a wide variety of industries.

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Exchangers and Vessels
Process Equipment
Chemical Process Equipment


Metalcraft Services of Tampa, Inc. has served the Phosphate, Sulfuric, Nitrogen, and General Chemical Industry for 30 years. 


We have experience with a vast array of material compositions including Stainless Steels of all types, Nickel Alloys, Wear Resistant Alloys, Aluminum, Mild Steel and more.


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Architectural Fabrication
Architectural Fabrication


Metalcraft Services of Tampa, Inc. has years of experience in custom architectural metal design and fabrication. Utilizing a variety of materials we can create that custom “rustic” look you may be going for or highly polished and stylized architectural sensations. We invite you to visit our Architectural Gallery to see examples of recent custom architectural products. Contact us to discuss your unique and custom design!

General Fabrication


Metalcraft Services of Tampa, Inc. is a proven supplier of custom metal fabrications to a variety of industries. The great part of working with a custom metal fabricator is it allows our customers to be flexible and work with us to design a product that meets their needs. As such, we have had the pleasure of fabricating a variety of products such as platforms and walkways, grand/spiral/custom stairways, frames, skids, catwalk and so much more!


Check out our General Fabrication gallery and visit our Contact Us page to find out how we can help you today!

General Fabrication
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