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Chemical Process Equipment

Metalcraft Services of Tampa, LLC. has over 40 years of experience with innovative techniques in designing and fabricating chemical process equipment

Agitators are often a critical portion of the chemical refinement/storage/mixing process. As such, ensuring that the proper design and material is used in fabricating an agitator is crucial. Metalcraft Services of Tampa, LLC. is experienced in building, maintaining and repairing agitators for the chemical process industry.


We have been producing specialty equipment for a wide variety of industry for almost 40 years. As such, we have a lot of experience with not only specific types of process equipment but also general piping, custom fittings, converter baskets and so much more.

Mist Eliminators

We produce high quality, custom mist eliminator units to best fit your needs. Our eliminators can be used in a variety of industries and use cases and provide the most efficient "demisting" possible

Sure Flow Tilting Pan Filters

Metalcraft Services of Tampa, LLC. is the leading OEM of optimized tilting pan filters in North America. We design, manufacture, install and service tilting pan filters.


Every filter contract is 3D modeled to simulate and meet plant conditions leading to superior mechanical performance and reliability of our Tilting pan filters. As well, we are able to customize the pan size to maximize the available filtration area.


All construction follows strict Quality Control guidelines with PMI and full traceability on all materials and welding. Our professional fabricators are qualified to ASME Section IX standards.


Metalcraft Services of Tampa has over 40 years of service to the phosphate industry with an impeccable safety record. We are Reliability Oriented to reduce your maintenance costs and increase equipment availability. Our equipment is built to last which means fewer repairs and less maintenance downtime for you.

Tilting Pan Filter Components

Metalcraft Services of Tampa, LLC. is the leading OEM of phosphoric acid filter components in North America. We design, manufacture, install and service filter components. Fill out our Contact Us form and if you have any questions concerning Process Equipment Fabrication so that we can further assist you.
Rotating Car Frame

We have designed a unique Stainless Steel Car Frame that eliminates the most common structural failures in car frames. We have strengthened the structural integrity of our car frames by designing a unique inter-locking joint section. Our car frame also includes a built-in wear track which reduces the maintenance needed on the car frame maintenance as well as reducing wear leading to a long-lasting product.

Turnover Section

Our fully adjustable, stainless steel turnover track is designed to allow filter cells to stay in contact with cloth sprays for a longer period of time. This produces a cleaner, more efficient and longer lasting filter cloth leading to reduced maintenance downtime

Cloth Spray Header

Our spray headers have been meticulously designed by industry veterans to improve cloth cleaning efficiencies. Utilizing an automatic clean out method, both the cloth spray headers and the filter cloths are able to be in production for longer and work more efficiently resulting in higher production rates and extended filter cloth life.

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